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Our showroom is designed to give you a real time experience with live side-by-side displays that make it easier to compare products. Our home entertainment experts WANT you to take your time, experience the dynamic sights and sounds of each product

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Whole House Audio

Imagine having a stereo in every room of the house! With a ReelTime multi-room audio system, you can. Choose the basic option of volume control knobs, or replace those with sleek keypads offering many additional control possibilities. With keypads, from each location you have the flexibility of choosing preset stations, XM or Sirius satellite radio, iPod players, or standard CD players.


Operation of our systems is simple, with navigation easily learned by even a non-technical person in a matter of minutes. You also don't have to listen to the same thing throughout the entire house. Choose a source for each room if you like, and give multiple listeners the chance to enjoy different sources.

Multi-Room System

ReelTime's multi-room home stereo systems can be done in new construction, and can also be retrofitted for most existing homes. By using a multi-room audio system, you have more elegant design possibilities. You can locate all of your equipment in a remote location. You can then place speakers inconspicuously on bookshelves, or in the walls or ceilings of your rooms, and use a keypad in the wall of each room to control the system.

With ReelTime's systems, parties become easier and more entertaining. Have you ever tried to fill a house with music, and had to have the system so loud it drowned out all the conversation? With our systems, you can go to the keypad in each room and adjust the source and volume accordingly. Or if you like, with a one-button push, the entire home music system can be shut off.


Your home automation system is limited only by your imagination. Whether you want basic volume control, an advanced keypad system, or control through wireless touch panels, your system is custom designed to meet your needs and to provide the level of control you desire.


Exceptional depth, detail and high resolution transports you into a new dimension of groundbreaking picture quality.

With intelligent upscaling developed thru AI, QLED 8K converts today's content into stunning 8K for improved details and sharpened definition. Enjoy clear and precise images with 8K-level picture quality, reduced noise and sharpened definition.


When it comes to the heart of your component system, ReelTime has great variety. We offer both separate components and integrated amps. As always, we are happy to set up comparisons for you. It's really amazing the difference you hear when you step up from an all in one receiver to separate components. We even allow you to take components home on loan over the weekend to hear them in your own system!

Listening to music is one of the most relaxing things we know of. When your music system is right, it can ease away all of the stress of the day. We invite you let our experts help you create a system you will enjoy daily for many, many years to come!


Speakers are what let you hear and enjoy all the soul and power of the music, you want speakers that will do the music justice and make your home theater sound far better than commercial theaters. ReelTime has what we consider to be a great selection of high performance speakers. With so many different environments people need to place speakers, we believe it takes a large selection to satisfy the needs of all our customers.

How do you determine the right set of speakers for your music system? You can read and read until you are so confused you have no idea what do to, but it’s really quite simple. Bring some of your favorite music to our showroom and let us help. You can listen to a variety of speakers and you find the type and style that suits your tastes.


Subwoofers are dedicated to the reproduction of bass frequencies, typically from about 20 Hertz to perhaps 200 Hertz in cone speakers, and in the case of a rotary woofer, all the way down to below 1 Hertz. It is often advantageous to use a loudspeaker specifically designed for handling low frequencies at high power levels.

In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great solution for people who want great sound but don’t want to give up their floor or shelf space to traditional speakers. Almost all in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have paintable grilles, so you can camouflage them in your walls or ceiling. 

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