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Outdoor Living

From courtyards and patios to entire residential estates, ReelTime will help you create a beautiful outdoor living space incorporating premium products and current technology. 

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Outdoor Television Entertainment

When you ad an outdoor TV to your living space, it becomes the focal point for social interaction among friends and family and takes entertaining outdoors to a whole new fun level.


These TV's are designed to resist rain, humidity, salt corrosion, dust, and insects; and are equipped with internal cooling systems to withstand outside temperatures up to 122°F. All models have special anti-glare screens and are specially designed to deliver sharp, bright high-definition in the outdoor environment. Each includes a sealed wiring compartment to keep moisture out, powerful audio systems that deliver better sound than most indoor TVs, and a weatherproof remote.

Landscaping Speakers

Speakers should be heard and not seen... The Sonance SLS series has been designed to hide underneath foliage or mounted in trees throughout the outdoor area. The unique design of SLS also makes it the perfect indoor audio solution for bars and clubs. The SLS satellite speakers and subwoofers can be mounted in exposed beams or vaulted ceilings to deliver the highest sonic performance combined with evenly distributed sound levels throughout the entire space.

The  subwoofers are buried in the garden bed with only their metal canopy above ground and hidden by plants. For hardscape installations the  subwoofer has been designed to either stand alone as an architectural element within a hardscape installation, or be built into a planter box or outdoor furniture for a more discreet look.

With SLS you'll be enveloped in audiophile sound quality at the perfect listening level, no matter where you are positioned in the space; a perfectly blended sound stage that delivers uncompromised performance every time, everywhere, without hot spots or dead zones.

Sound containment is a critical requirement of outdoor audio system design. Sonance Landscape Series utilize directional speakers that are focused towards the desired area, minimizing sound spill, and reducing the risk of disturbance to neighbors or resort guests.

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