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What is Home Automation? | An Overview from Control4

What is Home Automation? | An Overview from Control4


Today’s homeowners rely on home networks for data, video and to assist with many daily tasks. These networks are increasingly being integrated with television systems, picture distribution, business VPN connections and for many other uses.


As the importance of home networking has grown, we have found that the quality of the home network has a large impact on a homeowner’s lifestyle. Because of this, ReelTime provides integrated and stand-alone networking services.


Protect your family, home and business from anywhere by increasing your security with a Video Surveillance System. One that is both practical and easy to use. A system that is accessible anytime and anywhere you have access to the internet using your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.


Our surveillance systems do not cut corners when it comes to resolution, quality and performance. We sell HD SDI systems that provide 1080P resolution. 

Lighting & Shading Solutions

Lighting is no longer just a utility for your home. It’s an aesthetic that creates an ideal movie-viewing experience for the family, provides an ambiance that is lively for a gathering of guests, adds cheer to the holiday season, and even sets the perfect mood for a date night.

Automated roller shades offer state-of-the-art natural light control with a unique selection of elegant fabrics. Roller shades provide unmatched quietness and virtually soundless when in operation.

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