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How Smart Lighting Can Help Your Bottom Line

There are some business ideas that are just too bright to pass on.

If we were to tell you that there was a way to cut down on business expenses – while also helping the experience of your employees AND customers – you probably would think we were trying to sell you some get rich quick scheme.

This isn’t a scheme, though: Smart lighting is the future, and integrating smart lighting into your business plan can help you save money in the long run. Let’s take a look at just how smart lighting can help you take control over an ever-growing business expense.

Savings, Savings, Savings

Before you make any business decision, it is important to know how it will help. We get it. You don’t want to jump into something without knowing the benefits – we wouldn’t do that for our store either!

The good news is that when it comes to smart lighting, there are a lot of ways it can help you save money … if you want to save on your business expenses, that is.

Lutron controls, for example, can help you cut down your lighting energy usage by 60%. Not only that, but using less lighting can also mean you’ll have to use less energy for air conditioning as well, giving you even more of a direct impact on your utilities. Two birds with one metaphorical stone.

Bounce-back Bonuses

While smart lighting can have a direct impact on your bottom line, there are other ways it can help your business, as well. These offerings are going to differ by location, so let’s just call them “bonuses” for moving forward with exciting new technologies.

For example, your smart lighting could make you eligible for rebates and incentives through your utility company, state programs, or even the federal government. This means that not only are your smart lighting products going to help you save money on energy costs, they may even save you further money through one of these programs. Lutron has a tool you can use to check for some of these programs, but you can also give us a call if you need further help navigating what additional savings you might be able to get locally!

Your Business, Your Schedule

No matter how busy you are, your business should always run on your schedule.

Enter smart lighting. With smart lighting, you can have your lights adjust themselves automatically based on the time of day, or have your shades go up or down to help block out harsh sunlight. This puts one of the many tasks you have to worry about on its own schedule, while at the same time reaping the extra energy savings from having the lights on less often and blocking out the sun.

Of course, your business has its own unique energy needs, and for that it probably needs it own unique smart-lighting solution. Stop in today and we’d be glad to talk to you about all the options in our area, and go through how smart lighting can help save you money! From one business to another, we know you’ll love it!

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